Hello, my name is Martin. I am the one behind Electrician Training Hub. I started work as an apprentice electrician wiring houses for my grandfather when I was almost 17. At age 22 I earned my Texas Journeymen license and started working as a electrician technician. At age 26 I earned my Texas Master license and was promoted to services department manager. At 31 I am currently a lead estimate in the same company I started with when I was 22.

My aim behind this project was to encourage people to pursue a career as an electrician. Either You are just starting to wonder about how to become a fully certified electrician or have already become an expert in the field, I hope You find this source useful.

I have been privileged to work in many types of different areas. I have worked on various systems. I have been on Construction Mission trips performing electrical duties to Bangkok, Belize and Rome. The best part about this job is that You are not stuck working in the same place or office all the time and can make a decent salary for Your electricians work.

Thank you for stopping by and good luck!