How to Become an Electrician in Alaska

To be an electrician and legally perform electrical services in Alaska one must have a government granted license. There are 2 options as an electrician in Alaska: Electrical Journeyman license and Electrical Residential license. Check Electrician Schools in Alaska, AK Electrician Training in Alaska, AK Alaska Electrical Journeyman License Before submitting your application, it is advised to have studied the required […]

Writing An Electrician Resume

Electricians like any other professionals benefit greatly from a resume that they can present to potential employers when looking for a position or contract work. A skilled electrician’s resume will highlight your experience in both commercial and residential settings, showcase all of Your certifications and ability set, furthermore it will incorporate information of education that […]

Electrician License State Requirements

Below are some very useful information sources to find out all necessary information regarding electrician license requirements in: Alabama – Alaska – Arizona – Arkansas – California – Colorado – Connecticut – Delaware – Florida – Georgia – Hawaii – Idaho – Illinois […]

How to Become an Electrician in California

To be an electrician in California You need a government granted C-10 license that is granted by California’s Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. This institution is responsible for setting the regulations for becoming an electrician everywhere in California. Check Electrician Schools in California, CA Electrician Training in California, CA This requirement is obligatory for those performing any job exceeding 500 […]

How to Become an Electrician in Hawaii

To be an electrician in Hawaii, you have to acquire a state license and renew it periodically. The following electrician licensing options are available in this state: Journey Worker Electrician, (code: EJ) Supervising Electrician, (code: ES) Journey Worker Industrial Electrician, (code: EJI) Supervising Industrial Electrician, (code: ESI) Journey Worker Specialty Electrician, (code: EJS) Supervising Specialty […]

How to Become an Electrician in Delaware

To be an electrician in Delaware an individual must posses a license granted by state’s Board of Electrical Examiners that is a part of Delaware’s Division of Profession Regulation. Once the proper license is Yours, people and businesses can use Your services to perform the necessary electrical work in Delaware. Check Electrician Schools in Delaware, DE […]

How to Become an Electrician in Connecticut

To be an electrician in Connecticut an individual must posses a license granted by Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection that sets the regulations for becoming an electrician in the state. Obtaining a license is a mandatory requirement for those performing any electrical work within the state. It is also essential to note that the state of Connecticut […]