Electrician Workplace Safety Tips

Keeping some workplace safety tips in mind may well save Your or fellows life. The first thing You learn when training to become an electrician is how to work safely. It is everybody’s responsibility to keep the workplace safe. Working with electricity requires extreme care; the electrical currents running through homes and businesses have enough […]

Advice on Arc Flash Protection for Electricians

The importance of arc flash protection was not assumed to be of great importance until the early 1980s. An article by Ralph Lee, published in the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, first brought the seriousness of arc flash burns and injuries to the attention of general public. This started deeper studies into the problem. The […]

Ladder Safety Should be a Top Priority!

Electrician work includes a lot of time working on ladders and scaffolding. You must practice ladder safety at all times. One wrong movecan land You in the hospital, or worse. Great part of the wire You install or repair in residential settings will be inside walls, and easy to work on from the floor. However, […]

Electrical Safety Signs

Electrical safety signs have been invented with aim of keeping workers safe. As you probably already know, job with electrical equipment involves a wide range of threats. Failing to abide safety signs and all of the guidelines for safe operating procedures could lead to serious injury, or death. Inappropriate use of any kind of equipment […]

Hand Tool Safety For Electricians

Proper hand tool safety is vital for anyone that works with hand tools, including apprentices and experienced electricians. There are a huge number of things that can harm You when working with theses tools. You might think to Yourself, they are small tools, how much damage can they really do? They can even kill you, […]

Electrical Injury

What Kind of Electrical Injury Can Human Body Withstand? You would probably think that an electrical injury would be rare, as professional electricians have relevant electrician training and education, and knowledge we have today about the dangers and potential hazards of electricity. On the contrary, number of incidents is actually on the rise.
 One one […]

Safety Issues In The Workplace

Safety accidents in the workplace still happen even with modern technology and sophisticated safety programs in place. It does not matter what type of work You do, there will always be risks to be aware of. Some occupations, like an industrial or oil rig electricians, are more dangerous than others. Laborers in these fields need […]

Electrical Safety Tips at Home

Always Practice Home Electrical Safety Home electrical safety should be the top priority in every household, especially when You consider that most residential fires are caused by careless use of electricity, or sometimes faulty wiring. Priority for every adult is keeping their family safe. Most accidents happen at the home, and that includes many electrical […]

Vital Workplace Safety Facts

To develop an informative safety program, You need to acknowledge some workplace safety facts. These facts will show You what other companies are doing to keep their employees safe. You may see how well their safety programs are working. The biggest challenge with some of these facts is that they are not always up to […]

Safety At Workplace

The most crucial part of being an electrician is to always practice safety at work. According to statistics, more injuries occur at home than at job, however, workplace injuries are usually more serious, especially when working with electricity. Being an electrician is one of the most dangerous jobs there is. Some electricians are at a […]