How to Become an Electrician in Ohio

To be an electrician and legally perform electrical services in Ohio one must have a government granted license. It is granted by Division of Industry Compliance, part of Ohio’s Department of Commerce that also sets the regulations for becoming an electrician in Ohio. Once the person has obtained the corresponding license, he is well on his way to making a career as an electrician in Ohio!

This licensing requirement is mandatory for those performing any electrical job within the state. The fee for applying for the license is $25 and another $25 for the application (must be notarized!!!) processing. Annual renewal fee is $60. You also need to maintain a level of study which is 10 hours total.

Electrician Training in Ohio, OH

Ohio Electrician License Types

There is only one type of electrician license in the state of Ohio – Commercial Contractor. The state has standardized all construction industry licenses for simplicity. Besides passing the exam, You will need to comply with all the following in order to become an electrician in the state of Ohio:

  • at least 18 years old
  • must be a US citizen or a legal resident alien (with proof)
  • have been an electrician for at least 5 years prior to the application date
  • have never have been convicted of a serious offense
  • carry a minimum of $500 000 in contractor liability coverage

Candidate must also be able to provide proof of all the electrical work experience to satisfy the 5 year clause, either from a qualifying state or within the state of Ohio. Get together all the required documentation in order for OH application process to move along smoothly.

Ohio State Reciprocity

The state of Ohio offers reciprocity agreements for the following states: North Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina and West Virginia. Licenses are granted only with proper paperwork and all supporting proof so get prepared now.

For each of these reciprocal licenses You will need to fill out and provide employment verification as well other documentation including a background check. You probably don not want Your new career as an electrician in Ohio to be delayed!

Ohio is strict in this sense. In fact, a state and federal background check are mandatory for all Ohio applicants.

View Ohio’s applications and reciprocity information here and exam application here

Taking the Examination in Ohio State

You have to be approved by Ohio’s OCILB to take the state’s licensing examination and become a licensed electrician. The exam in Ohio is administered by PSI and is based on NEC standards which will be provided to You for reference. However, You are not allowed to bring other documents into the test room. The exam is 6 hours long and created from 100 multiple choice questions. You will need to score of at least 70% to successfully pass the Ohio exam.
Exam includes topics such as service, transformers & equipment, wiring methods & installation, cabinets, panel boards, switchboards boxes, and conduit bodies, conductors, control devices, motors and generators, utilization equipment and devices, and uses among other subjects.
Be sure to study before You take the test because having to retake it will delay Your career plans and cost You money and precious time. If you are serious about this career path and You study, You should be fine as most license candidates pass it on the first try.

Best Cities in Ohio for Electrical Work

If you are planning to become an electrician in the state of Ohio, You should know which areas will offer You the most work. The population centers with the highest overall electricity consumption are Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo and Cincinnati. Research other cities with high per capita income as this shows places where people have more disposable income for home improvements and electrical projects.

Good luck in becoming a skilled electrician!