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Electrician Back Support Belts

Prevent Yourself From Back Injuries

Back support belts are designed to prevent an individual from injuries and make its user feel much better by the end of the day. Remaining in one position for a long period of time or constantly bending and stretching can take quite a toll on your sensitive back.

back support belt electrician

Back injuries are between the most common types of injuries obtained at the workplace. It takes just a single wrong bend or twist and You will be out of commission for days, weeks or even months. Once the back is seriously wrenches, it will never be the same again. Millions of people around the world experience chronic back pain because of old injuries. Back surgeries have a small volume of success, but once You hurt Your back, You can expect to live with pain for the rest of your life. In other words, it would be reasonable to prevent Yourself from a back injury at all costs.

What Exactly Are The Back Support Belts?

The back support belts, also called lumbar support belts, are lightweight and engineered to be worn around ones mid-section, providing support for the lower back. Very similar belts were originally used by weight lifters, thus, anyone who has to do a lot of bending and lifting will benefit massively from wearing the similar product – modern back support belt. The only drawback for this peace of gear is that some individuals tend to become careless. They overrate their abilities, relying too much on the belt, and take extra risks hoping that gear will protect them in all situations. This is not true – the belt will definitely help to prevent from injuries, but You always must work within your ability and use the common sense.

Advantages of using a back support belt:

  • #1 You can work longer hours without feeling extreme fatigue
  • #2 You can remain in one position longer than You would normally be able to
  • #3 It can tremendously improve Your posture and Your muscle tone

Just bear in mind that You have to realize Your ability limits and never put excessive strain on your back!

How it Works

Many studies, involving industrial and home environments, have been carried out about the effectiveness of back support belts. They clearly showed that a firm, curved surface pressed against the lower back help enhances body mechanics and keep proper spinal alignment. The belt functions on a conscious level, providing correction of poor posture habits, which means less fatigue and back pain.

Exceptions When Support Belts Do Not Work

In case You have spinal anomalies like kyphonic posture, scoliosis or spinal fusion, the Back Support Beltsupport belt will not be capable to adjust to the curve of Your body and will thus be uncomfortable to wear. Approximately 5% of worlds population suffers from these anomalies, so there is a great chance the gear will work for You.

Despite the fact that back support belts are used in rehabilitation therapy, they are not a substitute for proper medical care. For instance, if Your back pain worsens or does not improve with the use of a belt, You need to see a doctor. There may be underlying conditions that require medical attention.

Not All Support Belts Are Crafted Equally

When searching for a support belt, You will find out that they all not are the same. There are types specifically crafted for weightlifting, some are designed for rehabilitation and others for light duty. You must pay attention, that some belts are designed more like a girdle than a back support, that means it will make it very difficult for you to do your job. Appropriate support belt will not restrict your movement in any way. The amount of bending and lifting Your job requires will also determine, which the type of belt suits Your needs the best.

Just remember to collect as much information as possible about the support belt You are willing to buy prior doing that!

Millions of People Suffer From Back Pain

Your bed may have a big affect on how Your back feels. Huge number of people wake up in the morning with such terrible pain, they can barely walk. When You are younger this pain lessens after You have been up and about for a while. But, when You get older this pain only worsens.

Mattress manufacturers have been battling for a very long time in order to create the perfect bed – mattress that will make every person rested and full of energy once awake.

Maybe the mattress can affect on how You feel, however, it can not prevent back injuries caused by Your job. Taking care of Your back during the day is Your responsibility; at all times lift with legs; never twist at the waist; avoid stretching in uncomfortable ways; do everything you can do to prevent a back injury. Wearing back support belts definitely can help, but it is still up to You to treat Your back with care.

Electrical Safety Glasses

Safety glasses side shields protect the sides of Your eyes; most industrial jobs demand You to wear them. Finding a pair that is a comfortable fit, include efficient side shields and correspond to Your job safety requirements is not always a simple task. To make sure You get the right glasses for the best price, read the tips below!

Know Your Job

This may be obvious for most of You, however, it is a very important! In most industrial situations You have many small bits of debris coming at you from various different angles. Your safety glasses side shields must be able to protect you from all angles. There are other situations which involve various lighting – You might have to work with just a flashlight for light, or You may be outdoors in bright sunshine. It is a huge setback to carry around various types of glasses, every one them meant for a specific job, so You should choose one pair that suits Your needs the best.

Avoid Buying a No-name Brand

No-name brands are fine for peanut butter or cereal, but not when it comes to your safety including eyes. It is important to get a brand known for reliability. You do not want a pair of prescription safety glasses that are going to break within a few weeks due to poor quality. Not only glasses may suffer, but Your eyes might as well receive some damage. Among most popular (and thus reliable) You can find Oakley, RX, Black & Decker and North Safety Glasses. Prices have a wide range, so You should do a small research to find the best deal!

Buy Safety Glasses in Your Size

Just as with any glasses, prescription safety glasses come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. You will be using these for work, so reliability and comfort should be the priority. A pair that is too wide or too narrow will be uncomfortable. This might even cause headaches from pushing to hard on the sides of Your head, or they may be constantly falling off. People have different head sizes. Safety glasses are not a one-size-fits-all type of purchase. It is important to know the diameter of your face in order to get a pair that will fit properly.

Know Your Safety Code

Safety Glasses Side ShieldsPrescription safety glasses are designed to meet specific safety requirements for various jobs. The glasses must pass strict tests to ensure they meet these requirements, particular tests are afterward assigned a code. Before buying a pair, find out what tests the glasses need to complete to be acceptable for Your line of work. After that, locate what the code is for Your job.

Only buy safety glasses with the correct code; if the glasses do not meet the standards required for your job, you will most likely have to return them. This is a big hassle and big waste of time (and money, in case You have thrown out the receipt). You would be much better off buying the right pair the first time.

Glasses that do not meet the code requirements for your job are also a safety risk. This could result in serious injuries, while the right glasses would have protected You. Incorrectly-coded safety gear may also be forbidden at Your workplace. A pair of safety glasses need side shields and a CSA logo somewhere on them to pass as safe.

Safety Glasses Are a Must Have Item

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970 officially made it obligatory to have a safety equipment in the workplace. It is responsible for determining and enforcing safety regulations for all organizations and all occupations. This includes practically everything – from hard hats, safety glasses, harnesses to protective clothing and steel-toed boots. In other words, whatever it takes to keep you safe from head to toe.

Unfortunately, many laborers did not like to wear any type of personal protection equipment (PPE); safety glasses are no exception; this is the reason why the government had to make it mandatory. Luckily for us, latest changes in technology have made PPE more comfortable, and workers less resistant. This means a safer work environment for everybody, and less hassles for foremen trying to force laborers to keep the PPE on at all times.

Mandatory Personal Protective Equipment

PPE requirements vary for every job and can differ greatly from one industry to another. The OSHA guidelines determine what type of equipment one needs for particular occupation. Mandatory PPE is designed to protect an individual from anything that may pose a threat to health or safety.
Employers are requested to assess the working environment, to acknowledge any potential risks or threats to employee health or safety. Afterward they must take the necessary precautions to minimize the risks of hazard. In some cases, an OSHA agent can inspect the environment himself, just to ensure all safety issues are properly addressed.

When a hazard is identified, the employer must educate employees and provide them with all the relevant personal protective equipment. The education is much more than just informing about the hazard, it includes thoroughly explanation of all possible jeopardizes, and educating on the proper use of the protection equipment.

In most industrial environments, safety glasses are one piece of gear that is not optional. To depict, hard hats are not always required – manufacturing plants generally have some areas where hard safety hats are mandatory, while in other areas (where there is no risk of falling objects) one can be situated without a hard hat on. This is not the case with safety glasses as there is particularly always a risk of flying debris, and You are not allowed to take off Your safety glasses at any time within any part of the factory, except maybe the rest room, cafeteria or management office.

Electrician Hardhats for Those Working in Sites

Hardhats Are a Very Important Safety Device!

hardhats various colorsHardhats, like any other safety equipment, is crucial when performing jobs. They are usually worn in working environments such as construction sites and production plants, where ever there is a risk of falling objects, head impacts, heavy debris, or electric stun.

The helmet has a flexible suspension that spreads the weight across your head inside. There is as 30 mm interval between the top of the helmet and users head, so that if something does fall on it, then users head is protected from the impact. There are types of hard helmets that have a reinforced ridge down the middle for additional strength.

Why Use Hard Hat Safety?

Hardhats are engineered from extremely durable materials as they serve to protect users head from possible injury. Originally, these caps were made of metal; then manufacturers used fiberglass; but now most safety helmets are made of super-enduring plastic. This does not imply they are unbreakable, but they can stand up to a lot of harm.

As with all clothing, some people must have safety equipment that looks good as performs well. You can get contemporary styled safety hats with rolled edges. These serve like rain canals and deflect water to the front. It then drains off the bill, instead of running down the back of neck.

Safety hat should fit properly at all times, if it does not, there is a great chance it will slide around and at some point fall off. This can be not only very annoying, but unsafe as well. As to the comfort, a little discomfort is much better than the alternative. A head injury can leave you with brain damage, or worse.

You have to wear your hardhat whenever you in an area where they are mandatory. These areas are clearly indicated. If you are caught without one, in some cases you may get off with just a warning, but in most cases you will lose Your job. Safety helmets are designed for your personal protection, so make sure to wear yours at all times.

Hardhat Accessories

Many companies issue hats with users name on the front or/and back, or with the company logo. Security helmets are often fitted with:

  • Visors. Welding head protectors and other types of safety visors are commonly seen on hardhats in certain conditions. Ear protectors. These are commonly found in extremely noisy and loud environments
  • Mirrors. Help users to see objects behind and/or in blind spot
  • Chinstrap. Keeps the helmet from falling off when user bends over
  • Headlight mount. Are useful when working in circumstances with limited amounts of light. The mount allows its user to wear a light, keeping hands free
  • Insulation. Keeps users head warm while working in low temperatures
  • Wide range of colors. Makes easy to distinguish, for instance, supervisors from other laborers, electricians with different safety hardhat colors doing different jobs. Generally supervisors wear safety hats in white color, technical advisers wear blue, safety inspectors red, general workers yellow and new employees green or pink

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Performance standards for safety headgear were revised in 1997. It is not obligatory to follow these standards, but most comply voluntarily. These contain:

  • ANSI Type I / CSA Type 1 – safety hat meets tight vertical impact and puncture requirements
  • ANSI Type II / CSA Type 2 – safety hat meets impact and puncture requirements from the top and the sides and has an inner liner made of expanded polystyrene

A Class E safety hardhat is usually worn by electricians. This type has been tested to insulate against up to maximum of 20000 volts of electricity. ANSI has also strict demands for combustibility or flammability of hardhats.

Other Types of Hardhats

There are times when Your current job require the protection of a heavy duty helmet. In such cases You can choose so called bump cap. It is a lightweight type of helmet with a simple suspension (or light padding), instead of a suspension system. It is perfect to protect You from risks of getting scraped or small items bumping in Your head, however, it is not durable enough to protect from large impacts, for instance, falling heavy-duty tools.

Before hard helmets were engineered, workers in the ship building industry would smear the top of their hats with tar, and then let them cure in the sun. Dock workers did this all the time, as well to protect their heads from objects falling from ship decks. There was also the danger of items occasionally falling from sea birds. These animals often pick up just about anything, then drop it when they realize the object is inedible.