LinkedIn: Your Social Network for Finding Electrician Jobs

Are You on LinkedIn yet? If not, it is time You got connected. There are many places You can search for electrician jobs online but LinkedIn is one of the best places for making connections, networking, and finding jobs in any field and that require skills of an electrician.

Your Profile

Once You have joined LinkedIn, Your first priority should be creating a killer profile that will make You more appealing to employers. There are several things You can implement to make the best use of Your social LinkedIn profile when You are searching for security guard jobs.

  • Have a profile picture. Your profile picture should be professional and will give employers an idea of whether or not You are suited to their company. You do not have to be dressed in a uniform – just smile and look approachable.

  • Create a good summary that demonstrates Your skills and experiences as they relate to being an electrician. You do not have to actually have experience as an electrician if You are applying for an apprenticeship program, but You should definitely show that You have the right skills by looking at your past jobs. Show that You have good communication skills, good logical thinking skills, and are physically fit! These things fit in very well with electrician jobs.

  • Display Your work experience.

  • Use the tags to highlight Your skills. These tags are like keywords that will help potential employers to find You.

Make Connections

Once You have Your profile completely filled out You can start connecting with people. Look for people that You have worked for in the past or have worked with. Once You connect with these people You can ask them to recommend You. The recommendations that they provide are like references and employers will get to know more about You and Your work standards through these recommendations.


Join groups that will help You get jobs. There are groups that are designed specifically for job searchers and then there are groups that are created for job seekers in electrical field. Some of them are general, while others – focused on specific regions or on specific companies.

Once You have joined few groups (some of them will require approval by the moderator of the group and this is where Your freshly set up profile will come in – if You do not show that You are connected to the electric field they may not accept You into the group), start participating. Read threads, comment, ask questions, and answer them to help others if You can. When You see someone that seems approachable, do not hesitate, send them a message.

This is just a brief summary of possibilities that the usage of LinkedIn to find electrician jobs may offer!