Manage Your Online Reputation in Preparation for an Electrician Job

Nowadays more and more companies and organizations are using the Internet to get a feel for what a potential employee is really like.

They are willing to find out things they are not able to find out in job interviews. They are interested whether You are one of those who have a habit of calling in sick when actually are not, whether You do drugs, what your attitudes are like, and so on. Fortunately (or not), thanks to the social networking sites it is easier than ever before – this kind of information is freely available even without Your permission.

Your job is to manage that. But how?

First of all, make sure that any accounts on social networking sites are either private. You can make Your Facebook settings private by going into Account Settings and Privacy Settings. Set everything to Friends Only, This is a good start. You can make Twitter accounts private as well. Set it up so that Your account is locked and visible only to those that you approve to follow You.

This is not a foolproof way to manage Your accounts though, unless You keep followers and friends on social networking site only to those that You are close with and can absolutely trust. There is always a chance that the person whose friend request You accepted cause they are best friends with Your best friend might be a friend or a family member of the person who is considering hiring You.

If you have said or done anything negative it could come back and result in not getting the wanted job.

The best known way to manage Your social media networks is to just not put anything out there that could prevent You from getting the job. You should never make racial offenses, post pictures of Yourself doing illegal activities etc.

Always be aware of what is being said about You online. Use a Google Alert to see whether Your name comes up anywhere that You may not expect.

Big portion of employers are using the Internet to find out more about people they are considering hiring and it is Your job to monitor Your own online reputation! Good luck!