More Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find Jobs in Electrical Field

Few days ago You learned about getting started with LinkedIn to find jobs in electrical field. That was just the beginning though! The more time You spend on using LinkedIn the more likely You are to find a great job in electrical field that You will love.

Here are some more tips to using LinkedIn while seeking for a job:

Get Recommendations

As it was briefly mentioned before, recommendations are like referrals on LinkedIn. They show potential employers that You have value. But remember, that You cannot just ask anyone for recommendations; You should ask people that You have actually worked with, serviced in the past – co-workers, employers ,clients. You can suggest things that they might mention in your request.

See an example below:

Hi Judy,

I am currently searching for an electrician job and I would appreciate it if You could leave me a recommendation. Remember when we were working at ABC Company and I had to install that alarm system? The punctuality and work quality are exactly the kind of thing that employers of electrician jobs might be interested in.



Follow Companies

You can connect with more than just individuals on LinkedIn; You can also follow companies. Search for companies and organizations that You are interested in working for. If You succeed and find them, You will be able to follow them and learn a lot about them. Find out how many employees are working at the company, learn about the people that work for the company, and be updated when there are job vacancies.

Connect with HR Managers

As You follow companies, You may often find out who the HR Managers are and find out more about them. You can connect with them directly and learn about what they are doing and what they are looking for in potential candidates. You can ask them questions and share information with them. Be subtle (You do not have to come right out and ask for the job) and demonstrate through Your own updates and Your profile that You would be an excellent candidate for a job in their company.

LinkedIn is an excellent place to learn, observe, ask questions, and connect with individuals and companies that could help You find the job You are looking for. Electricians can benefit from LinkedIn by spending a little bit of spare time there each day and building up a network that can prove to be useful for many years into Your future career. Remember, the majority of jobs today are found because of the networks that You build up tpday so don not wait until You need a job – start building Your network and better future today!