You are searching for information about obtaining an Electrician License or Certification? The licensing requirements vary from State to State and some may not even have an electrician license requirement. Check here for Your specific State Licensing Requirements.

Some states have license classification, to explain, You can decide to pass just a residential electrician license requirement that will allow You to work with residential object, however, You will not be allowed to perform work with commercial and industrial objects.

In case You are experienced in the field, You might be able to receive Your license through a grandfather clause. This is still available in many states and municipalities, and it basically allows for anyone with relevant experience to come forward, state (and prove) their years of experience in the field, and get their license without the educational background and formal testing that is normally required. The required expertise level is extensive, but if You think You can qualify, then contact your State Licensing Requirements to find out.

If You hold a valid license in another State, You may be able to get Your license through comity. A comity agreement between States determines that a person that has successfully passed license requirements in one state, can automatically receive it in the other one. Once again, check with the State’s Licensing Board for their comity agreements with other States.

Many states are starting to require separate licensing for audio, video, telecommunication, fire alarm, and safety alarm system installations and wiring. Not long ago, a licensed electrician would have been permitted to perform all of these types of jobs without having to obtain any additional license.

Electrician License, Test & Certification

There are a lot of good electricians that take their state’s licensing exam and fail simply because they did not prepare adequately. The exam incorporates a certain amount of questions that need to be answered correctly within a certain period of time. If You are rusty with Your code book, then You need to freshen up. You will not have more than a minute or two per each question, so you will really benefit from taking a refresher course.

Go to exam preparation section of this website to get more information regarding preparation techniques and materials. Also, check with Your local electrical suppliers for their recommendation on who the best instructor is.

Keep in mind that if You does not pass, then You have to wait for the next one. Between the time it takes to reschedule and afterward retake the test it can take You months, so plan accordingly.

The electrical field is hot and only getting hotter, so do not hesitate. Go for it!

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