Tips for Electrician Salary Raise

So, You have been at the same electrical company for a while and You have not gotten Your first raise yet? You might think it is the right time, but how do You go about it? What can You do to increase the chances that the answer is positive and You receive the increase?

There are some tips that will most likely increase Your chances of getting that raise that You want so badly. First of all, check that You are prepared. You need to have the inner feeling that You truly deserve it. When they ask why You deserve a raise (believe, they will), Your answer must be something better than: “Well, I have been here for three years and I have not received one yet”. You should acknowledge the reasons why You are an asset to the company and You should be able to tell them precisely about Your successes and accomplishments. You should also know what is an acceptable raise for the market and for the company.

Plan ahead by having a preliminary discussion with Your supervisor. Find out what factors are considered when the company is thinking about giving someone a raise. Make sure to focus on those things. Set certain goals with Your employer (or supervisor) so that they know what you are working on and check in with them from time to time. Get ready before You ask by writing down all of your accomplishments.

When you meet with your employer to ask for a raise, it is like another interview. As previously mentioned, You have to speak about Your completed tasks and how that adds value to the electrical business You are a part of. Before You go into that big meeting, You should be able to talk about any of Your successes and accomplishments and explain them fully without blinking an eye. Confidence plays a big factor here. It is also good advice to document things that others have said about You. Every time You receive praise from someone, make sure to note it down. You can implement these words of praise from co-workers and supervisors into Your accomplishments so that Your employer sees that it is not just You that thinks You provide value for the company and deserve a reasonable raise.

Last, but not least, pick the right time. You probably do not want to ask for a raise when Your boss is in a bad mood or when there has been a big problem in the company and several employees have had to be laid off. Your boss will be stressed and will not be in the mood to approve anyone’s raise, even though you were not involved. Also, if you know the company is going through some tough financial times, hold your cards and wait. Try to have Your meeting after the company has had a big success or when You have done something really great to improve the situation.

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