Top 7 Ways to be a Great Electrician

Being an electrician is an important job and You be proud of it. You should strive to be the best electrician that You can be. If You want to be great at Your job, here are 7 useful tips:



  1. Know your manuals by heart. You should be familiar with the policies and the procedures of the company You work for. When You first get a job, take it seriously and actually study them as if later You would have a test on these topics. Because, really, at some point Your knowledge will be tested – it just will not be on paper, but real life.
  2. Practice continuous learning. Take the initiative to go to workshops or seminars when You learn about them. Your employer will be impressed and Your knowledge in electrical field will be appreciated. You will do better at the job with more knowledge.
  3. Go to refresher courses when they are offered. These give You the chance to learn from more experienced guards and it is a great chance to practice continuous learning.
  4. Stay in great shape. Don not get lazy just because You have the job. Work out regularly, practice strength training and aerobic training so that You would be in best condition possible.
  5. Be informed about what is going on in Your community.You should know about all the hot trends in the electrical industry, up to date with all requirements and regulations.
  6. Find a mentor. If you can find someone that can give You good advice when You really need it, You will have a better chance of being a great electrician. They can point You in the right direction when You need it and give You constructive criticism if necessary.
  7. Never make assumptions. When You make assumptions You are more likely to go wrong and that can get both You and the company You work for in trouble. Follow the rules and make sure so do the all co-workers.