Vital Workplace Safety Facts

To develop an informative safety program, You need to acknowledge some workplace safety facts. These facts will show You what other companies are doing to keep their employees safe. You may see how well their safety programs are working. The biggest challenge with some of these facts is that they are not always up to date. Some statistics are only released every few years, below are the most up to date information regarding number of workplace deaths:

  • the U.S. – 5 071 in 2008
  • Canada – 1 036 in 2008
  • Germany – 57 in 2008
  • United Kingdom – 180 in 2008
  • China – 11 449 in 2003

These figures might be outdated, but it gives an idea how some countries are doing. Some countries are doing much better than others. But unfortunately, workplace deaths are still happening once in a while. As You spend a great portion of Your life at work, this makes workplace safety extremely important.

A Safer Working Environment

In a safe environment, the possible risk of death or injury are decreased to minimum. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe working environment for all employees, as well as it is each and every employee’s responsibility to follow rules and keep himself as safe as possible. Most accidents are the result of carelessness. Different employees have various kinds of duties within an organization. Some of these duties may be more dangerous than others. But all jobs have a certain amount of risk. It is important to know the risks involved with Your position, and to do everything possible to work safely.

Some occupations, like industrial electricians and oil rig electricians, are classified as highly hazardous. Organizations must ensure the safety of all of their employees. This includes any safety issues posed by the equipment and the machinery used by the employee. Every worker must be properly trained in the safe handling of the equipment, and the procedure to follow in case of accident or injury. Workplace safety includes creating and executing safety guidelines and safety policies. But all the policies in the world will not keep the employee safe if he does not follow them. It is every apprentices, journeyman and master electrician responsibility to follow all safety rules and regulations. This includes wearing the proper personal protective equipment required for the job. Workplace safety facts are seldom convenient.

Personal Safety

People working in chemical and engineering industries must be adequately protected from the jeopardy that come with their professions. People working around fire or electricity are constantly faced with serious threats to their health. Anyone in defense service is constantly at risk of losing his life. It is not easy to secure people in these high-risk professions, but everything possible must be done. These people must be provided with the proper training to deal with safety hazards, and trained in proper procedures if an accident does occur.

Workplace Safety Facts

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1994 saw the largest number of workplace related fatalities in the United States and 2002 had the least. Nevertheless, this study only included the years from 1992 to 2006.Workplace Safety facts_blog post

The Bureau noted that lumberjacks, truck drivers, airplane pilots, metal workers, roofers, various construction workers and miners constantly face the risk of losing their lives while at work.

Some people believe it is the risk itself that attracts certain people to these occupations. These people are natural risk-takers; they need the adrenaline rush they get from putting their lives on the line.

According to collected information, in the year 2000 lumberjacks had 122.1 work related deaths per 100 000 employees. The highest of all occupations. Truck drivers had 27.6 work related deaths per 100 000 drivers.

Occupational deaths and injuries cost billions of dollars every year for businesses. This is not nearly as tragic as the costs to the families of the deceased or injured worker.

There are only a small number of records on workplace safety or fatalities in the United States before the late 1800s. However, it is known that building railroads and mining activities were extremely dangerous for that time laborers. It is also known that there were not too many safety regulations in place during that time. This definitely urged employers to implement some safety standards. As industry grew, businesses became more and more aware of the need for workplace safety. New policies and guidelines were gradually developed and introduced.

Put Yourself As Number One Priority

Workplace safety is all about keeping employees safe. Employers must do all they can to provide a safe working environment. But ultimately, it is up to each and every worker – starting from an individual who desires to become an electrician to an experienced professional in field – to do everything possible to work safely, follow proper guidelines and wear the appropriate safety gear. Knowing some workplace safety facts may help your company become a safer place for every one who works there.